Fiona McEntee

Fiona Mc Entee

Diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer in 2011, I was introduced to Europa Donna Ireland by my surgeon who recommended this advocacy group as a way to connect with other people who had experienced a similar diagnosis.

My professional background is in nursing with experience in caring for patients with all types of cancer. However, no amount of training or experience can prepare you for the trauma of your own cancer diagnosis and all that goes with it.

Thanks to ongoing research and investment there are many different cancer treatments and support services available to people in Ireland today. I feel it is vitally important that people with breast cancer, along with their carers, have access to as much current and relevant information as possible, be it scientific or practical.

I have returned to work in the acute hospital service and am also currently serving as a patient representative on two national committees with the Department of Health and the National Cancer Control Programme. Together with the other committee members of Europa Donna Ireland I strive to promote awareness of breast health and cancer services in Ireland among clinicians, patients, their families, friends and the general public.

Fiona McEntee

Committee Member

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