Europa Donna’s Ten Goals

Each EUROPA DONNA country forum signs up to the Ten Goals and campaigns on those goals which are priorities for the women of their countries. Europa Donna Ireland also requires that all of our committee members and volunteers understand and commit to working towards these goals.

1. To promote the dissemination and exchange of factual, up-to-date information on breast cancer throughout Europe.

2. To promote breast awareness and breast cancer prevention.

3. To emphasise the need for appropriate screening and early detection.

4. To campaign for the provision of optimum treatment.

5. To ensure provision of quality supportive care throughout and after treatment.

6. To advocate appropriate training for health professionals.

7. To acknowledge good practice and promote its development.

8. To demand regular quality assessment of medical equipment.

9. To ensure that all women understand fully any proposed treatment options, including entry into clinical trials and their right to a second opinion.

10. To promote the advancement of breast cancer research.

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