9 things you should know about breast cancer

Europa Donna Ireland's cancer awareness leaflet is easy to read but informative and illustrates some facts about breast cancer, how to reduce risk with simple and clear information and advice.


Europa Donna Ireland have produced a helpful and informative leaflet on how to reduce your risk of developing lymphoedema.

Specialist Breast Centres 

We have reprinted and updated this leaflet which explains why it is important for women with breast problems to attend a specialist centre, what they are, the service they provide and where they are.

Irish Breast Cancer Charter 

EDI's Irish Breast Cancer Charter sets down 23 principles which specialist centres across the country should meet. The Charter was the result of discussion by over 150 women at Europa Donna Ireland's 1st National Conference held in May 2006 and was designed to ensure Irish breast cancer centres followed international best practice in delivering services in Ireland and most importantly to give women standards by which to measure services.

Breast Cancer and Fertility 

EDI's booklet, Breast Cancer and Fertility, has been written to help younger women cope with the effect of breast cancer on their fertility. It has been prepared by health care professionals with specialist knowledge in the area of breast cancer and fertility.