EDI agm + Information Session 2010

Committee members Dympna, Christine, Trudy, Eithne and Deirdre with Award at agm.Committee members Dympna, Christine, Trudy, Eithne and Deirdre with Health Literacy Award at agm.

Our 2010 AGM took place in Buswells Hotel, Dublin on May 15th. It was followed by an Information Session on "Exercise and Breast Cancer"   featuring Charlotte Coleman Smith of the Plurabelle Paddlers, and Marie Murphy, Exercise Specialist for the Simm/Mann UCLA Centre for Integrative Oncology, Los Angeles; Marie is also a 1988 Irish Olympian (Marathon), an IOC Sports Nutritionist, and Fitness Instructor for the Dr Susan Love Research Foundation.

Over 40 people attended the session, which could have gone on for another couple of hours, given the number of questions for the speakers and the discussion generated!

Marie’s presentation was on using exercise to help lower our risk/recurrence of breast cancer along with discussing prevention of side-effects by applying progressive resistance training early following breast cancer surgery. She explained the concept of METS (Metabolic Equivalents), a measurement of the body’s capacity to utilize oxygen, and how we might bring our METS up to the recommended 15-20 MET hours a week.

Christine, Marie Murphy & Charlotte Coleman SmithChristine, Marie Murphy & Charlotte Coleman SmithCharlotte spoke about the Plurabelle Paddlers and their recently launched Dragon Boat Project, describing its progress and how women can get involved.

More Information:  If you would like a copy of Marie Murphy’s presentation please contact us at info@europadonnaireland.ie and we will email it to you.

To keep up to date with the Plurabelle Paddlers and/or to join the project see www.plurabellepaddlers.com or phone 086 0363449.