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Europa Donna Ireland - The Irish Breast Cancer Campaign was launched in 1998 as an advocacy group and is one of 47 EUROPA DONNA member countries across Europe. EUROPA DONNA - The European Breast Cancer Coalition was founded in Italy in 1993 and is the breast cancer advocacy organisation for Europe.

Europa Donna Ireland is a volunteer run organisation whose membership is largely made up of people with experience of breast cancer and it is a registered charity.


To bring the voice of the woman with experience of breast cancer:

  • to raise awareness of the need for screening and access for all women to best quality specialist breast centres;
  • to campaign for evidence-based, best practice health policy changes to ensure this happens.


That women of all ages in Ireland will know what they can and should expect in terms of risk, diagnosis, treatment, recovery and support in order to improve prevention and survival rates and quality of life.

In support of its mission and to achieve its vision Europa Donna Ireland publishes information leaflets and newsletters and organises information seminars and conferences. Europa Donna Ireland lobbies decision makers and politicians at local, national and European level and highlights breast cancer issues through the media. In partnership with the Irish Cancer Society, Europa Donna Ireland brought the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign to Ireland.


Europa Donna Ireland has:

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