Have you completed your breast cancer treatment and interested in an online programme for managing your distress?

Researchers at the School of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin are looking for breast cancer survivors in Ireland and the UK interested in the new “Space in Breast Cancer from Depression and Anxiety” programme.

If you

(1) are older than 18

(2) have completed your active breast cancer treatment (can still be on hormonal treatment) and are currently cancer-free

(3) are confident in reading and writing in English

(4) are confident in using computers and have access to the internet

(5) are not currently receiving counselling or psychotherapy

(6) are not having problems with alcohol or drug use

(7) do not have a diagnosis of severe and enduring mental health condition (e.g. psychosis, bipolar disorder)

(8) do not have suicidal ideation, this programme may be for you.

The programme is a 7-week online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy intervention to empower you to think and feel better. If you need help to manage your low mood and cancer-related worries during these challenging times you may benefit from this programme.

The programme was developed by expert psychologists with the involvement of breast cancer survivors and their carers. It is completely confidential, flexible, free of charge. You will also be given an option to give your main carer (e.g. partners, family members, or friends) access to the same programme.

To take part or find out more email primary researcher Selin Akkol-Solakoglu at akkolsos@tcd.ie 

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