Remembering Anne Keating

Anne Keating passed away on 26 December after a long illness. Anne was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and, after an initial period of good health, unfortunately her cancer returned.  Anne dealt bravely with this, with the constant support of her devoted husband, Damien. By nature she was a calm and cheerful person and remained so throughout her illness.

Anne worked in the Aer Lingus IT Department for many years where she was held in high regard throughout the organisation. She later brought this expertise to Europa Donna Ireland when she became part of the EDI Committee where she used her considerable skills on our behalf, especially on the website. Even when she was no longer active on the committee and having a great deal of treatment, she contributed significantly to establishing our new website. She attended Europa Donna conferences and advocacy training in Europe and became a skilled and informed breast cancer advocate, saying: “I firmly believe in EUROPA DONNA’s principle that everyone, no matter what their circumstances, or where they live should have access to the same level of screening and treatment. “

Anne also became a member of the Plurabelle Paddlers, Ireland’s first Dragon Boat Club, which is a cancer support group. She was an active and much loved paddler.

Anne is a great loss to the breast cancer community, to the community at large, and, of course most of all to her husband Damien, her mother Rosaleen, her brothers and sisters and many friends. We mourn her but we are also grateful for having known her and for her companionship.

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