Establishment of the first ever Cancer Patient Advisory Committee

Europa Donna Ireland welcomes the launch of the establishment of the first ever Cancer Patient Advisory Committee in Dublin on January 10th 2019. It is a step forward in the treatment and care of those with a cancer diagnosis. However, we will continue to closely monitor progress with regard to cancer care in Ireland and to tirelessly advocate for the best standards of care for all our members.

Europa Donna Ireland are represented on this forum by voluntary board member Fiona McEntee, breast cancer survivor and also a registered nurse working in the acute hospital service. Fiona is ideally placed to put forward the patient perspective on having a breast cancer diagnosis, by being an advocate for appropriate screening, treatment in specialist breast centres and her awareness on metastatic disease. We are looking forward to having a positive impact on the development of the National Cancer Strategy. It is an excellent opportunity to influence the future development of breast cancer services in Ireland.

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