Breast Health Day 15 October 2013

In Ireland, many activities are being planned and we would like you to join in and show your support.

In Ireland, many activities are being planned and we would like you to join in and show your support.

This year’s campaign continues to encourage girls and women around Ireland to commit to daily healthy lifestyle choices that can make the difference in the future of their breast health. A growing body of evidence shows the link between healthy lifestyle choices and a lower risk of developing breast cancer. According to these studies, excess body weight and physical inactivity deserve special attention, since they account for 25-33 percent of all breast cancer cases. As a result, being active, eating a well-balanced diet and avoiding weight gain are three simple but crucial lifestyle choices that can positively impact the future of a woman’s breast health.

Through our Breast Health Day 2012 campaign ‘Make Good Choices For Your Breast Health’, we are hoping to make as many women as possible more aware about prevention so they can make the healthy choices that can help prevent breast cancer.

Europa Donna Ireland is inviting women and groups throughout Ireland to organise an awareness raising (not a fund raising) event involving some form of enjoyable physical activity on the 15th October. Walking is one of the simplest and easiest to organise, but any physical activity e.g. cycling, hiking, swimming or jogging will help get the message across that exercise is fun and good for you too.

If you would like to participate and organise an event this year, we can assist with posters, key messages, and promotional leaflets to help to get publicity. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in organising an event to mark Breast Health Day and please do not hesitate to contact us about any of the above.

So please join the Breast Health Day 2013 campaign on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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